Digitech has long been known for its high quality output and attention to detail. We continually seek to improve through new technologies and methods.


Digitech has a reputation for dependable delivery. Fast turnaround and error-free output.


We are aware of the damage to the environment that some print and dye processes used in our industry cause. We try to use clean processes and can advise and steer customers towards environmentally responsible approaches.


Digitech is one of New Zealand’s longest established and most experienced embroiderers. We are the largest on Auckland’s North Shore. We only use top-end Barudan machines for ultimate quality, speed and dependability. From corporate and work wear to military badges to high end fashion, sportswear to overalls – we do it all! No job is too complex or too big.

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Garment Printing

In addition to embroidery, Digitech prints every type of garment and headwear. Fashion, sports, corporate, promotional and workwear. Synthetic and natural fibres. Small front chest logos to super-size back prints. Multiple methods undertaken including direct-to-garment, direct-to-film, heat-set digital prints and heat-set vinyl cuts. We are now preferring these digital printing solutions over screen printing due to water pollution arising from screen printing. However for very long runs with a low number of colours and and where price is paramount, we may still suggest a screen print solution.

Sublimation Printing

Digitech provides the highest quality sublimation printing. Utilizing 8 colour printing and sublimation in a vacuum, the colours and sharpness of our sublimation printing are second to none. We even print fluoro colours!

We can print roll fabric up to 1.6m wide or cut pieces up to 2.4m x 1.2m.

We can also sublimate ready-made garments. This is a great option for budget -conscious sports teams in a hurry. Using an imported garment available ex-stock in NZ and printing it locally is a fast and cost-effective solution. Even custom names and numbers can be sublimated to the garment rather than applied in vinyl at a later stage. Digitech has developed unique methods and equipment over the last few years to perfect this type of printing and are now regarded as the leading experts in this type of printing.

Textile Printing

We are able to print both natural and synthetic fibres. Synthetics we print using sublimation transfer dyes followed by a fixation in a rotary calender press. We print natural fibres such as cotton or silk using disperse dyes applied digitally directly to the fabric followed by steam fixation and finally washing. These services are ideal for sportswear and fashion labels and anyone wanting unique, high quality, printed textile.

Dye sublimation and disperse dye application are the highest quality methods available for printing synthetic and natural fibres. They achieve the best colour saturation possible and the colours are bonded at the molecule level to the textile. They therefore do not affect the feel or drape of the textile and do not rub off. They are extremely kind to the environment.

Specialised Printing and Embroidery

If you have special requirements such as neoprene printing or need to match a spectral curve of a skin colour. Perhaps you are a film studio wanting to print skin for aliens or make period tapestries – we love a challenge!


We are the only supplier in New Zealand of garment transfers printed using a fully digital process and not using any type of cut vinyl base. We print our transfers onto recycled PET (recycled drink bottles) film using a 3 step fully digital process and none of these steps requires a screen to be made;

Firstly the colours are printed digitally using an 8 colour process direct to the film. This yields a highly saturated print with a very wide colour gamut.

Next a white layer of latex is digitally printed over these colours. This is an extremely thin layer but very dense and extremely string and flexible.

Finally a dry adhesive is applied to the white latex white still wet and the film with its 3 layers goes through an infra-red oven to cure the inks and the adhesive.

The great advantages of this process are intense colours, the longevity and flexibility of the print and the fact that no screens are required therefore saving the set-up costs of hybrid screen/digital transfers.

The transfers are printed onto 600mm wide film and any combination of images can be nested onto a length of film, making it a cost effective high quality option.


Digitech has an in-house design function and can provide full design services, from tidying up your artwork to a full logo design.