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Your One Stop Branding Shop!


With our 18 years in the industry, NZ owned and operated, we are the branding specialists. We make your logos come to life using print or embroidery, working quietly in the background making sure each job is completed quickly with the best quality and service.  

We are always asked which is better print or embroidery and the simple answer is one is not better than the other, they are both a great way to brand or personalise your product. It is just a matter of what is best suited to the job. We have to think about what type of product you have, the image you want to use, how many you need and the end use. This site should give you more of an idea of what is best suited to what and help you see what print and embroidery have to offer. Call us, or flick an email we are always happy to discus your job big or small, and be able to give you an idea of price.


Digitech Services (2017) Limited
Unit 6, 25 Airborne Road
Rosedale, Albany
Auckland 0632
Tel + 64 9 415 3630